The Joyce Chos

ScottWrite a manifesto every day is what Scott Adkins tells himself. He went to Brooklyn College, got the Playwriting MFA, he experienced one of those moments when you realize life is never going to be the same, and now performs sacrificial BBQ's in honor of Mac. He's had little works done, they were like cookies, ten minute chocolate pieces produced by BRIC, and Third Wheel Productions at Exit Art and the Mint Theater. He had a couple plays read in the Clubbed Thumb Summerworks Reading Series and a small piece appeared in the Clubbed Thumb Take Five '06. Last spring he had the most delightful conversation with Lisa Dierbeck on the Teachers and Writers EVERYTHING GOES? on WNYE-FM (91.5) show where he managed to pulverize his own conversation. His "Choral Odes" were performed at Pete's Candy store and published in the '06 Brooklyn Review, The odes will be set to music by composer Robert Wagner in his upcoming investigation experiment of his play "For the Nation." He's performed as Panda Hands in "Cleveland" as part of the Mac Wellman Festival, a man in (In)Communicable, (Con)Genital, Incommensurable by Sibyl Kempson and most recently as a man in "The Grand Kindness" by Amber Reed. He is co-founder of Sock Monkey Press, publisher of tiny books with the exception of the Mac Wellman Journal. Right now he has the joy and honor of being in the 2006/7 SoHo Rep Writer Director Lab. For him, JOYCE CHO is that place where we must go, KK AMBER KELLY & SIBYL keep it CHO time and he is honored to be among the inspiratores. During the day, he is busy as co-founder with wife Erin Courtney of the Brooklyn Writers Space and Room 58 and in the evenings with his two boys, Charlie and Theo.

KellyKelly Copper is the progeny of a disc jockey and a librarian. As a child she used to make audio recordings of cartoons off the television so she could listen to them later and try to remember the plot. She is a lifetime member of Nature Theater of Oklahoma.

RobRob Erickson (lumberob) is a writer and a performer and a musician and a student and a teacher and a father. His plays include Bam Tourine, Vice-President Glambeaux, Jimmer has a Jaw in a Jar, Gank Thod, Hibiscus, Grapefruit, waternowater (with Peter Glantz), Always Talk to your Healthcare Provider, Stalled on the Kiddy Speed Display, Agro Expo 27 (with Stephanie Mankins), The Sea Grass Analogy (with Leslie Strongwater), and Jon Jon the Jon Cleaner (with Kristin Erickson) among others. He wrote and performed his first long-format solo piece, OFF THE HOZZLE, in residency at Dixon Place in 2008. He is currently working on a new piece, YES MY DO, under commission by Soho Rep. He made music for Nature Theater of Oklahoma's obie-winning NO DICE ... and CHOREGRAPHIE as well. He designed sound for Laura Peterson Choreography's newest show, FOREVER, presented at DNA in 2009. In the past present future he has collaborated with Jad Fair, Kevin Blechdom, Blectum from Blechdom, PFFR, misnomer, Kramer, and Half Japanese. His old druggy punky twangy band was called Adult Rodeo which he founded with his wife, Stephanie Mankins in 1998. They made four full-length albums: the kissyface, TEXXXAS, long-range rapid-fire, and Tough Titty. Rob teaches as an adjunct in the English Department at Brooklyn College. He takes adult tap dance. Rob schooled at Brown University and Brooklyn College (yes, Mac Wellman MFA too). His children are a big girl named Tallulah and a baby boy named Finnegan. He is extra excited about the new Joyce Cho production up and coming... as it is to be his. His is broken, lurching, shaky aesthetic... doing undoing.

Sibyl Sibyl and RJ Sibyl Kempson makes theater plays in NYC since 2000, with titles like This Property is BAUHAUS!; SPARGEL TIME!; The Wytche of Problymm Plantation; Robert Stack: Homoferus Untitled; Crime or Emergency; The Secret Death of Puppets (or) How Do Puppets Die? (or) Puppets Die in Secret; Bad Girls Good Writers; (In)communicable, (Con)Genital, Incommensurable; Zeit af der KürbisGeistNachten (or) It's a Good Life if You Don't Weaken; and Potatoes of August. Also Kyckling and Screaming which is an adaptation of The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen, and At the Kingdom's Gate: Prelude which is a translation of Ved Rigets Port: Forspil by Knut Hamsun. Let's keep it rull stupid, people.

KarinneKarinne Keithley has written many bios. She is occupied in a glacial deliberation about what finally belongs in one, in hers. She has creature affinities. She thinks "No Dice" is right, that it's about conversation. Previous epochs have found her in multiple performance conversations. The overall shift is from dancing to writing. With a lot of sound and video. The long term work has been teaching, at Hollins University, Amherst College, and now Brooklyn College. Her work is increasingly digital and freely available on her website. She's hoping to start grad school again in the fall of 2007, to become smarter and more patient. She's interested in refiguring her relationship to creating work without what poisons professionalism might offer. She's done a lot of things and come into relation with a lot of extraordinary people. The Chos are some of the extraordinary people she hopes to stay in relation to. Long term and investigatory.

AmberAmber Reed was saved by the Brooklyn College Playwriting MFA program. Her plays include Scenes with Joyce Cho, The Grand Kindness, Mr. Apocope, and an adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Minister's Black Veil. Her favorite collaborators besides Chos are vegetables.