**Selected Plays of the Joyce Chos**

Parable of a Spider by Scott Adkins

Big Chop - More Pop by Kelly Copper

Christmas Cracker: A New York Holiday Musical by Kelly Copper

Gank Thod by Rob Erickson

Some Things Cease To Be While Others Still Are by Karinne Keithley

Radio Play/Interview with Sasquatch by Karinne Keithley

Astrs: a rabbit cosmogony by Karinne Keithley

Zeit af der KurbisGeistNachten - or - It's a Good Life if You Don't Weaken by Sibyl Kempson

The Grand Kindness by Amber Reed

        Staging Proposal by Karinne Keithley

Scenes with Joyce Cho by Amber Reed

        Staging Proposals:
            -Karinne Keithley
            -Sibyl Kempson
            -Amber Reed